Kovoq solution for Omnipod? We are working hard on this.

As mentioned previously, Kovoq has developed protection solutions for Libre, Dexcom, and Guardian products, but apparently a key player has been left out here: Insulet's Omnipod products.

Bringing closed-loop automation to people with diabetes is a great thing, and we see all these great companies are delivering better products, we also want to be part of this progress and make sure our customers have peace of mind when they use these amazing products.

We have been working on a protection solution for Omnipod 5 and Omnipod Dash pods for months and so far, several directions have failed. We don't have a clear timeline for when we will be able to roll out this solution, but we can say that we are almost there and we will be there.

Stay tuned for good news from Kovoq!

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