Do you know you can add notes to your sugar record in Kovoq Sugar by voice?

When adding a blood sugar record, besides time, blood sugar number and some typical tags like before lunch, 2 hours after eating, sometimes you may also want to add notes to it where you can mention what you had for meal, any exercise you have done, etc., in this article, we would like to share with you an easy way to make notes, and before we go into setup details for this feature, we would like to share with you what Kovoq is working on currently to improve the user experience of our Kovoq Sugar app. 

What we are working on:
In Kovoq, we always strive for better user experience, and currently we are working on 3 improvements and the new version will be released in the coming update, stay tuned:
  1. Add blood sugar record by voice input. Yes, it is not just to add notes, but to make the full record.
  2. Change the landing page of the app, to make it more informative also easier to initiate a new record.
  3. Optimize the data layout, charts and graphics, enhancements to the WoW and MoM data comparison. 

Add notes by voice in iOS:

How to start the voice input?
When you are about to enter the note, the keyboard is automatically invoked, and you can start talking by clicking Microphone icon ① on the keyboard.

If you do not see the Microphone icon ① on the keyboard, make sure that you have enabled the Dictation in your phone settings, check it at “Settings -> General -> Keyboards” and select “Enable Dictation”. 

How to switch language:

The dictation defaults to the language used by the current keyboard. If your system supports multiple language switching, you may click on ② in the screenshot to switch the language.

How to stop the voice input?

Click again on icon ① or ③.


Add notes by voice in Android:
When you are about to enter the note, the keyboard is automatically invoked, and you can start talking by clicking Microphone icon on the keyboard.

If this is the first time you have used this voice input feature, you may be asked for authorization by the phone system to have this feature be listed on the keyboard. Once the authorization part is cleared and if you want to change the voice input settings, you can find the Voice typing settings through the following path “Settings > System > Languages & input”.

Since there could be a lot of variations of Android systems depending on the vendors, model numbers, the detailed settings could vary as well, please refer to the official instructions about the keyboard and voice input of your phone. 

If you feel the app is designed well, please share with people that needs to make records of their blood sugar numbers. If you want to see some feature in our app, feel free to reach out to us and let us know.

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