Iterations for FGM/CGM protection solution? Seriously?

You may think this FGM/CGM protection solution product is too simple, but we don’t think so.

We are more of a product-oriented company. Our CEO Dave had worked in the smart home area in Silicon Valley for 7 years before this endeavor, and he's the kind of guy who's always striving for better products and better user experiences.

When Dave designed the 1st Gen of our protection solution, he started thinking about the 2nd Gen, and what the whole portfolio should look like. We received a lot of input from him during his regular usage of the 1st Gen protection solution, and we also checked user feedbacks frequently, and analyzed them, sorted them, and found the best ways to solve them. This is how we came up with the Gen 2 solution.

Now Kovoq is not just working on FGM/CGM protection solutions, but also on more health-related products. Rather than simply duplicating products in the market, we start with the pain points inherent in each direction we work, and follow a standard Silicon Valley-style product development process to address those pain points.

At the same time, we are not just working on commercial products, but also on free apps around healthcare, for example, we have launched the Kovoq Sugar app which can be a great E-diary tool for people who have the need to record their blood sugar and check their patterns regularly and help them better manage their blood sugar levels, and also we have planned a roadmap (or backlog, PM language 😊) for new features that to be added, even this app is just for free.

If you use our products and like them, please do us a favor and introduce Kovoq to people around you, on the other hand, if there are any problems with the product, please feel free to write to us, we have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee policy, or you can contact us and just simply tell us what product you want Kovoq to add into our portfolio 😊.
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