Kovoq CEO is now using Gen 2 protection solution for his Libre 2 sensors

Just like every other product Dave has developed and launched, he has been using our latest Gen 2 protection solution for his Libre 2 sensors.

Because of the change in backing paper, he immediately felt easier to use, no more painful stretching before applying the tape because the power of that stretch was hard to manage.

The handle-less design doesn't change how easy it is to put the patch on the sensor, and the rounded edge makes the solution more comfortable. Dave says he can now even sleep on his side with the sensor on the arm of that side.

The patches still last 2 weeks or even more and are still easy to replace as he likes to change the color of the patches depending on the color of his t-shirt, and the fact that there is no glue left on the sensor or its own tape makes it super easy to replace.

Overall, this is a perfect upgrade. You can see him demonstrating how to use the Gen 2 protection solution for Libre on amazon.

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