How to use Kovoq Sugar's function of recording blood sugar by voice

Before Use:
1. Currently we only support this voice function on iOS
2. Make sure the Kovoq Sugar App version is 1.0.4 or higher
3. Update the iPhone system to iOS16 (Siri Intents way requires this setup)
4. Make sure the Shortcuts App, an app by Apple, is ready for use (Siri Intents way requires this setup). Most possible this should be ready as this originated from Apple themselves, you may be asked for some permissions about internet connection for the 1st use. In case you accidentally uninstalled it, just search Shortcuts in App Store.

A: Siri Intents Method:
No need to pick up your phone, simply record the blood sugar with your voice. Think of just finished the blood sugar test and you are now either planning to take care of the pricked finger for a little longer or put away the test kit, instead of the traditional way that you pick up a pen and notebook to write down or a phone to type in the result manually, you can just make the notes verbally.

1. Get the Shortcut of "Record Blood Sugar" Ready
a) Launch the Shortcuts app, click the "+" icon at the top right corner, and then click "Add Action" on the new screen.

b) Enter "Kovoq Sugar" in the blank space and search for our app, click the shortcut of "Record Blood Sugar" in the search result.

c) Click "Done" in the shortcut details screen to finish adding the shortcut.

2. Enjoy the truly hands-free blood sugar recording feature
a) Activate Siri by saying "Hey, Siri" or other ways according to your phone/Siri setup.
b) Say "Record Blood Sugar" to Siri.
c) Go through the voice interaction to finish the recording of a new log entry.

B: In-App Method:
A more versatile way to record blood sugar with voice is to use this voice feature in our app.
Simply click the "Voice Input" tab on the landing page of the app. Note: You will need to give permission to the Speech Recognition and "Microphone" at the 1st use of this feature.

When redirected to the New Record page, you can make the recording at one time, just make sure to mention the key words as shown on the screen which will be used to split the content into different blanks in the final log entry, like the data, and message where you can put some background info of this test.

Once you finish the recording, just tap the button at the bottom, and all the content from the speech recognition will be filled into the blanks of the new record entry. Make some edit if any mistakes or simply save it. That's it.

We hope this major update to our blood sugar diary app will be a great companion for you to record and track the blood sugar rate, and we will keep innovating to provide you better solutions around healthcare. Feel free to contact us for any suggestion or feedback by mail at

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