How to maximize the benefit of Kovoq adhesive products for CGM sensors?

We know that long-lasting adhesion is critical for CGM sensor protection applications, so we optimized the adhesive and brought it up to its current level, which is 40% higher than other adhesive patches. That said, if users use it improperly, they still won't get the full benefit of the adhesive, no matter how strong the adhesion is. Let us list these tips for you: 

1. Make sure the skin is clean and dry when affixing the adhesive patches. If there is hair in the area that is going to apply the adhesive tape, try to shave the area before using the tape, this will be very helpful both for long-lasting adhesion and easy removal.

2. TRY NOT to touch the exposed adhesive part of the patch as this will GREATLY REDUCE adhesiveness. This also means the adhesive patch can not be re-applied if the first try failed.

 3. DO NOT stretch the patch too much when affixing it to your skin, this will create reverse tension and may cause the patch to fall off easily.

4. Gently spread the adhesive patch onto the skin when affixing it, avoid wrinkles on the edge of the patch, which may affect the usage time of it.

5. Wait 1 hour before contacting with water after first affixing it to the skin, such as bathing, swimming or showering. CRITICAL! This medical adhesive has relatively low adhesion when first applied, but it will become stronger over time. Once it is applied, try not to touch it and keep it dry for at least 1 hour.

6. Peel the patch off slowly after use. Moisturizer or baby oil may help for more comfortable removal.

7. Protective cover is reusable. Clean it with alcohol wipes before reuse. 

We are saddened when users ignore these tips and simply assume that the premature adhesive patch falling off is due to product quality issues. A better user experience has always been our highest pursuit. We are very happy to have a growing community of repeat customers of our products. Welcome to join the team of satisfied customers.

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