Introducing Truly-Hands Free Glucose Recording Feature—A Latest Update on Kovoq Sugar iOS App

What is a normal blood sugar recording procedure with a glucose meter? You get the finger prepared, prick it, get a little blood on the stripe and get the stripe examined in the glucose meter, then you will take out the pen and notebook, try to note down everything about the test. Now Kovoq Sugar is providing you a better way, a truly hands-free recording experience simply by your voice through iPhone.

With this feature, you can now take good care of your pricked finger and just go through the voice interactions step by step with Siri, and this record will be added to your blood sugar history data list.

Is that simple? To add more background story to this, we have a team of PM focusing closely in all possible experience improvements that can benefit people with diabetes. Once we found that the latest iOS version started to support App Intent, we decided to make a better voice integration feature based on this, so possibly we maybe the 1st app in the market that has the voice recording feature utilizing the App Intent of iOS 16.

Try Kovoq Sugar now! Or share this with your friends with needs to do so and we believe this feature will be a great companion for their daily routine blood sugar tests.Follow the steps to use Kovoq Sugar truly-hands free glucose recording:

1. Make sure your iPhone system is iOS 16;
2. Update Kovoq Sugar to the latest version;
3. Open Shortcuts app, tap + button at top right corner. Search for Kovoq, and add Kovoq “Record Blood Sugar” shortcut;
4. Done, and enjoy! You can ask Hey Siri to “Record Blood Sugar” now.

About Kovoq: Kovoq is a team of passionate and creative people always thinking of providing innovative unique product solutions with best experience, and we are focusing on a wide range of applications around the needs of people with diabetes or pre-diabetes.

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