The backstory of Kovoq's protection solution for Libre sensors

The idea for Kovoq's protection solution (yes we call it a solution rather than just a patch) came from our CEO Dave, who had his Libre 2 sensor knocked into a door frame within 1 week of use.

He researched and tested almost every major product on the market, fabric or plastic, with or without holes/glue in the middle, only to find that they provided only limited, if any, fixation, and some of them did not have the necessary adhesion, especially after contact with water, and could not even breathe. Dave decided to design a new product that was waterproof, highly breathable, easy to use, easy to replace (without pulling on the sensor itself or its tape), and had real protection from knocks. Frankly, this hint was also based on all the pictures you may have seen on the Internet: every picture of a patch product application looks like a patch on a lid followed by a sensor, but that is not the case with all of these products. When Dave found these, he even had a feeling of being cheated.

We kept the highly stretchable fabric material that allows great breathability and created a hard-shell cover as an intermediate layer, which makes this solution unique and takes protection to a higher level, while still being very easy to use and replace.

Dave was the first user of his own product and he tested with his Libre 2 sensors for several 14-day cycles before deciding to release this product to the market.

We want our customers to have peace of mind when using their FGMs/CGMs and not to worry about accidentally losing their sensors every day, as Dave experienced in the early stages of using his own Libre 2 sensor. We are pleased to hear from our customers, both online and via email, that the Kovoq protection solution has done a good job of protecting their FGMs/CGMs, which encourages us to continue to strive to provide them with better healthcare-related products.

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