Sorry, our Dexcom G7 protection solution has been delayed

Kovoq has always been committed to providing reliable CGM protection solutions for users. Our prototype design of the G7 protection solution was completed in Q4 2022, but considering the launch pace of the Dexcom G7 sensor product, we did not rashly launch it ahead of time. However, Kovoq is the first company in the market to have a customized protective case for Dexcom G7.

We noticed that there is a manufacturer in the market claiming to have a hard cap protective cover for Dexcom G7, but according to our analysis, it is not a specialized customized design for Dexcom G7.

Kovoq's Dexcom G7 protection solution has already been shipped to overseas warehouses as early as February, but due to logistics reasons, our goods were lost. We are currently working closely with suppliers to re-produce and replenish the goods. We are very sorry that the actual delivery time for users has been delayed. We will provide this product to everyone as soon as possible.

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