False Protection: Pre-Cut Sensor Covers for Freestyle Libre

Since our recent post about pre-cut PU film covers for Freestyle Libre sensors, we have received a lot of inquiries from customers about pre-cut covers made of cotton fabric. We apologize for any confusion and want to make it clear that pre-cut CGM sensor covers, regardless of the material, do not provide sufficient protection for your Freestyle Libre sensors.

The only difference between the covers is the thickness of the adhesive patch, but this does not address the key weakness of the product: the overlap area remains less than 2.5mm when applied to Libre sensors, whether it's Libre 2 or Libre 3.

While Dexcom sensors have a slightly wider overlap area of around 5mm, we still do not recommend using these pre-cut covers for real protection. If you are looking for a style-oriented application like printed patches and do not require strong protection, these products may be a viable option.

Kovoq also offers pre-cut adhesive patches for both Libre and Medtronic Guardian sensors, but with a crucial difference. Our patches feature an additional layer in the middle, which is a hardshell cover that provides superior protection. This added layer takes the protection of your Libre or Medtronic Guardian sensors to a whole new level, ensuring that they are safe from damage and wear.

In short, if you want to ensure real protection for your Freestyle Libre sensors, no matter for Libre 2 or Libre 3, do not waste your money on pre-cut CGM sensor covers.

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