About stickiness

An important feature of CGM adhesive patches is that users have high demands for stickiness, especially persistent stickiness. Stickiness is related to two main characteristics: the brand/type of adhesive and the amount of adhesive applied.

Similar products on the market use different brands, but mainly fall into two categories: medical-grade acrylic adhesive and ordinary hot melt adhesive. Because the processes of the adhesives are different, the waterproof properties and stickiness sensations are also different. Ordinary hot melt adhesive has poor waterproofing, strong initial stickiness, and weak persistent stickiness, which means that it feels very sticky when first applied, but the stickiness gradually decreases after a period of time. Users who engage in water sports are more likely to cause premature detachment or edge lifting when using such products. Medical-grade acrylic adhesive has good waterproofing and relatively weak initial stickiness, but strong persistent stickiness, which means that the more it is used, the stickier it becomes. This is why users need to be careful not to move or touch the adhesive patch when it is first applied to the body and should avoid contact with water, which is the key to allowing it to be used for a longer period of time. Medical-grade acrylic adhesive also is hypoallergenic, which we will discuss in a later article.

Under the same adhesive type, the amount of adhesive applied can also affect stickiness. The stickiness value is usually expressed in N/cm or N/in. The stickiness provided by standard products on the market is generally around 1N/cm or converted to 2.5N/in, which only meets the minimum requirements.

Kovoq's CGM Sensor adhesive products all use imported medical-grade acrylic adhesive, which has the strongest waterproofing and low sensitization among similar products. At the same time, after repeated research and optimization, we also increased our stickiness parameter and it is now much stronger also well-balanced.

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